Our Purpose

 Amazing Medical Staffing provides talent solutions that are flexible and tailored to suit an organisation’s unique requirements. We know that staffing some HCS trusts can be difficult than others due to location, so we made it a priority to provide cost-effective and on-framework solutions to trusts who struggle to achieve block bookings or get emergency staff at short notice.

A leading Northern Trust found it particularly difficult to fill their rotas over the winter months and knowing that we could help provide on framework, short-notice block bookings to fill their initial rota requirements, we quickly proposed a partnership to help them and continue to provide them with cost-effective staffing solutions.

The challenge:

Fast. Cost effective. Reliable

December can be a difficult time in the year for getting rotas filled and many bookings can fall through at short notice due to sickness - even for those trusts who are better geographically placed to attract clinician staff. This Northern Trust often struggled to fill their rotas due to its location and its off-framework usage was at an all-time high with what staff they could source costing them greatly.

They needed to source high-quality nurses at short notice across multiple departments and needed support in finding cost-effective procurement resources.

The solution:

By leveraging our experience with trusts in other Northern areas we were able to draw on our deep networks to provide short notice staffing solutions. We undercut their existing untenable costs by providing on-framework, high-quality nurses in block bookings to suit their multi-departmental needs.

Our offer of travel support and accommodation for our nurses meant that we were able to compensate for the logistical difficulties created by their geographical placement. We also foster relationships with our clinician staff and assist them to be fully compliant for efficient onboarding. We offered this support throughout our engagement and during the Coronavirus pandemic.